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Assalamualaikum and hi ppl :))))))))

so Vemod??
what is vemod ?

(n.) a tender sadness or pensive melancholy;

so basically it is referring to sadness or something that showing or expressing deep, often melancholy thought: a pensive look.

today is 11th of March 2017 and that means final is around the corner ppl 
so today isnt a good day nor bad one (but maybe the bad one for this sem) 

srsly i said i couldnt express my feelings by words but what i can do is by action (most ppl know that) 
nah today is kinda like my first day holding my anger (rly rly rly angry) and im proud of myself for that. *clapping hands sound* it will not going to be good or bad one if im going to express my feelings here but what i can only said is im totally dissapointed with ppl that i respect the most in my entire life. And again i cried for something that i shouldnt and that showed how fragile i am and that sucks! 

u know that feelings when u keep on hold the feelings for a very long time and until one day u cant even spit it out loud cuz ure already absorb it and it doesnt wanted to be spitted out. ya. tht is what i do feel rn. 

and it bcame hurt the most when ppl who talking not to be bias but actually s/he is the one who did those bias thingy and thats hurt (a lot) 

i cant even feel the affection from someone who i thought to nor someone who i can lean on. 

sorry. just a word. but it could heal tonnesss heart. (ya i do believe saying sorry wont make broken pieces into a piece) but do believe me, sorry, one word that could make ppl who uve done wrong feel better. 

you can always say sory 
but the real apology is 
when you hear their sadness 
in their voice
and see the look in the eyes 
and you realized that they 
have hurt themselves as much.
- kid cudi

no. not being rude. but this is me. accept me the way how you can accept others. the way how u told ppl to be able to accept her .that is how u need to treat me. 

"life is unfair because ppl is the one who make it unfair"

lots of loves,

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Anonymous said...

salam, good luck final awk


Anonymous said...

I feel that cos im always being dumped by the other even my friends..sometimes fate is not in good mood but they always sunshine behind the dark cloud