Asasi UiTM Dengkil

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Assalamualaikum *fuhfuh* (tiup habuk lol) hahahah  its been a while since my last update.
So title? Hahahaha its time to update about my foundation life.
Overall it wasn’t that bad nor that good but still I enjoyed my asasi life!! YAY 
Btw yesterday was 12th may bersamaan dengan tarikh SALAM UiTM which meanssssss
final result has been sent into every Uitm students email *hands are shivering* lol
Praise to Allah the most almighty for this rizq .Hopefully Ill manage to pursue my study in course that I want to (n all my friends!!). Feel blessed to be around with ppl that cocooned me with loves ,yet annoyed sometimes *giggles*that is what friends are for.
So to those who are going to get into Uitm Dengkil (spm leavers definitely!)  these stuffs aint tips but just to clear up how was it to be in UiTM Dengkil based on my experience ngeh!
Kita highlight hashtag sikitt #DengkilPerform kah! *ive never use this before for my own purposes but now why not?*

1. I took this pic deliberately cuz my instax had a problem and so here it is the scenery of our not-so-apartment-condo-nor-flat hostels and yeap for girls they were named Dahlia (3 blocks so, Dahlia 1, Dahlia 2 and Dahlia 3) for the contrary (I meant the boys’) they were named Tualang n so on.

2.  So next, bilik kroh kroh. Bilik tidoq nah. Tadaaa. This is my bed during my foundation life for 2 sem and yeap not only a place to satisfy the appetite to sleep but also a place when I felt damn too lazy to go to ELC (English) class and Computer class (for sem 1) and a place to cry when my parents rang me *lol*

3. yeahh this is the best part. Our not so living room which is more to study place but I call it OUR DEN cuz it is a place where the sounds of laughter came out from every villain in the house and a place to get high together *weed is a necessary during study* (alahh seaweed tao kae noi) and not to forget a place to karaoke and stupid jokes are made.

4. Place to gain inspiration and make business stuffs! TOILET Hahaha no specific picture of em cuz I just don’t have time to. I only got this picture of DIY shelf. Freaking functionable and easy and cheap af.

5. Next is our place to fulfill our starvation needs. Anjung Dengkillll. So im going to list my fav food kiosk (kiosk ke? Who cares this is my blog tho *blownails*) in descending rate!
- 5 star – I called it “kedai no name” since theres no signboard during our first sem n now nama diaaaaa kedai Lengkuas hahah; fav food is always tomyam n nasi putih n telur dadar RM5.50 thts for dinner whilst for breakfast menu is nasi gorang kampung n telur (or sosej kiosk nasi lemak hijau) dengan sambal dia lol around RM2.30.
- 4 star – kiosk Gulai kawah cuz ada ikan keli yeappzzzzzz I lavhhh keliiiii hahahaha
- 3 star – kedai nasi ayam penyet but we changed it to nasi keli penyet (cuz keli is my favoritooo) and 3 star je cuz Anisatul tak makan pedas and sambal dia pedas af so to those who lovessszsdsd pedas2 uols are highly recommended to try their sambal deboommmm.
- 2 starr – kiosk nasi lemak hijau haha cuz sambal dia pedas af jugak but diorg ade buat ayat pickupline yang deboomm and ayam dia sedapp af.

The second level full with groceries shops and bakery and waffle and printing service. I oftenly went to Print expert to print my assignments (my printer sucks during sem 2) cuz the price is cheap n I like the result (me n syaza) .
*took this pic a day before my birthday or merdeka day cuz why not?*

6. Field of vices!?? Hahahahah padang maksiat or padang etika. This is in between Bangunan Progresif and Dinamik and depan Bangunan Etika.

7. what else? Let me refresh my mind for a while.

8. ughhh hahaha I just want to make it to 10 lol

9. Oh ya level 11 of Pejabat Pentadbiran u guys can see the scenery of pekan dengkil (not so pekan deretan kedai jek) n some tall buildings in putrajaya (methinks)

10. yeah finallyyy 10 hahah!

thats all for todayyyyy and pls pray for my part time job kah! guys, i need money HAHAHA 

 "Dengkil je ada langit"

Lots of love,

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